UNTOLD is the first festival in the world that launches an NFT

The organizers of the UNTOLD Festival are preparing to launch their first NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN). The fans of the festivals and not only them will have the chance to become the owners of some memorable moments or a unique collection of NFTs, which will be put on sale on the largest digital collectibles market in the world.

The first UNTOLD NFT will be available soon on OpenSea. Here you can buy, sell and commercialize any of these items with anyone in the world. OpenSea is currently the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto goods (digital collectibles), with the largest set of categories, with most items, and the best prices for the new item categories.

OpenSea allows you to buy or sell crypto goods, game items, digital art, and other digital collectibles, based on blockchain. All these digital collectibles can be seen from anywhere, changed, and owned in a way that has never been possible before in the digital world.

The UNTOLD NFTs collection is prepared in partnership with SkateBorg. SkateBorg is a company that aims, through its many initiatives, to popularize the crypto industry and the benefits of blockchain technology.

Festival fans and those who want to buy the first UNTOLD NFT have to register on untold.com.



NFT is a certification that allows the owner to watch and track their digital asset in a blockchain system, constantly check its value and sell it at the right moment. In art, is like you own the original painting, no matter how many prints are made in this world. It is like you own a digital work of art with an artistic value.

Practically, NFTs are “unique” assets in the digital world, that can be purchased and sold like any other property, but they don’t have a tangible form. The digital tokens can be considered certificates of ownership for virtual or physical assets.

The NFT phenomenon immediately became very popular among those passionate about this field. Some of the artists who made memorable shows at UNTOLD have started selling NFTs. Steve Aoki sold the first NFT collection for over 4,25 Million dollars. He describes the NFT as an unstoppable phenomenon. Don Diablo and Kygo have announced that they will release soon their first NFTs, which will consist of several new tracks or unreleased production.

In art, a digital work of art has been sold at Christie’s Auction and Private Sales for 69 million dollars, but the winner will not receive a sculpture, a painting, or a copy print. Instead, he will receive a digital unique symbol known as NFT.

A designer sold a virtual house, that will never be inhabited, for 500.000 dollars. The creator of this contemporary art sold his property as an NFT for 288 ether, which, based on the transaction price of cryptocurrencies, is about half a million (in US dollars). Ether is a cryptocurrency whose blockchain is generated by the platform Ethereum. The project, called “Mars House”, will be accessed by its new owner in a digital file.

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