UNTOLD and Neversea donate equipment from the festivals to help Romanian authorities fight the COVID-19 pandemi.

UNTOLD created UNITED, an initiative that gathers the good in Romania

We are living challenging times, that makes us lose contact with our daily lives, that keeps us away from our loved ones. But we realize how important the little things are for us. In this time of uncertainty, we have our families and friends brought closer in the online world. We have laughing, singing and dancing, we have hope and faith. In times of need all we have is each other. We may be physically apart, but our minds, hearts and souls are united. And united we stay, no matter the distance. Together we can heal, together we can do good, we can make the world better and get through this hard time. We are all in this together and we have to stay united, to do good.
The good travels through time and space, the good is present in each one of us. And a multiplied good… creates magic!

The health and safety of everyone is always the most important for us. With this belief, the preparations for UNTOLD and Neversea continue, with the hope that coronavirus will get soon to an end and the measures and restrictions imposed by the Romanian authorities, which are so necessary now, will be revoked and we will be able to enjoy together the summer, outside!

The UNTOLD and Neversea team kept a closed contact with the authorities from the first COVID-19 confirmations in Romania and developed a strategy with the authorities and its partners to fulfill the needs of the heroes in the front line. The cases of COVID-19 grew up fast and UNTOLD immediately created an own fund of 100.000 euros and various urgent purchases have been made.

Here are some of the actions taken so far as part of the UNITED initiative:

  • 6 trucks with equipment from UNTOLD and Neversea were sent in Constanta, Romania, to help the authorities in the fight against COVID-19. 4.000 square meters of porta floor, 4.000 square meters of geotextile and 6 floodlight mobile lighting towers were used to build a mobile hospital on a stadium, in Constanta. So, the dancefloor from the festivals has now a new destination, with the help of UNTOLD’s partners – Industrial Access and VOS LOGISTICS. Also, the tents from the festivals and squaremeters of linoleum are now used by the doctors from the biggest hospital in Constanta, in the triage center.
  •  More than 12.000 tests for COVID-19 and related consumables were donated to the hospitals in Cluj, by UNTOLD and its partners Cognizant SoftVision and Transilvania Bank. The same team also bought masks, gloves, disinfectants and other materials that are needed in the fight against the new coronavirus. They also donated technological equipment to the authorities.

Neversea will take place between 2-5th of July, in Constanta.

UNTOLD will take place between 31st of July – 2 August, in Cluj-Napoca.

More details you can find on neversea.com and untold.com


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