The songs produced in the glo™ Creative Camp by Electric Castle have been released

The three tracks produced in glo ™ Creative Camp by Electric Castle by Grasu XXL, Inna, Adrian Despot and their teams were released.

The three tracks produced by Glo Creative Camp by Electric Castle were released on Electric Castle’s YouTube channel, on Spotify and Apple Music. These have been well received by music lovers in Romania, being listened to over 332,000 times so far.

glo ™ Creative Camp by Electric Castle took place last summer in Tuzla, being a setting that facilitated the collaboration between successful artists and musicians at the beginning of the road. The camp lasted three weeks, three different musical styles, three mentors and three teams that responded to the challenge of remixing Romanian hits.

The first week of the camp was with and about hip-hop music. Vlad Flueraru, Vlad Bolborea, Paul Iorga, Phvne, Darius Herghiligiu and Bogdan Ghirău, under the guidance of Grasu XXL, created a modern version of a very popular hit from the 70’s. Grasu XXL chose to work with the song “Speranțe vis, speranțe flori” by Mihaela Runceanu, which has fascinated him for years. The new version of the song, performed by Vlad Flueraru, “Hope”, combines part of the original song and a text composed by Vlad.

“Usually we choose to take samples from songs that excite us a lot. It’s a matter of feeling, you quickly realize if a sample has the spirit of hip-hop or not. It still makes me shiver when I listen to it. The Creative Camp version came out really cool. Vlad was on fire, “said Grasu XXL.

In the second week, Inna came to the Tuzla camp, where she worked with producers from Global Records, Andrada Cretu, Adrian Pop and Vesnic. The resulting song is a new approach to the song “Tulips”, and her choice came naturally, after the spontaneous humming of the classic lyrics of Luigi Ionescu.

“It was a great atmosphere! That’s when you do what you love and especially when you share your passion for music with your friends. I had a super creative session with my colleagues from Global Records: Viky Red, Cezar Guna, Florian Rus, IRA and Quick. Some hard songs came out. In addition, I met young and fresh artists, I was charged with energy from them, ”said Inna.

The artists who came to the camp in the third week had Adrian Despot as their mentor. Irina Bucescu, Ana Wolf, Diana Căldăraru, Miruna Mureșan, Costas Ivanov, Jean Gavril and Andrei Doboș formed the indie-rock team. They connected from day one, even though it was their first time playing together. Other people passionate about music joined the jam sessions, and Adrian Despot invited them to record the final song. This is how the band Murmur was born, which signs the third song created in the creative camp lo Creative Camp. “Shambala” is a reinterpretation of the famous song “Shambala” by Doru Stanculescu.

“When I arrived at the Camp, I presented the options, Irina from Temple Invisible did a demo after Aura Urziceanu, very cool, we had to do that one too, but we agreed on” Șambala “. What followed was madness. I sang all day, played guitar, wrote lyrics, re-orchestrated. Then a guitarist from the production team showed up, then a cameraman told us he had a horse with him. Then, one evening, the bartender came with a sledgehammer. It was dementia. Basically what we were doing was becoming a magnet for all the people who were there. We multiplied from day to day. I didn’t expect it to turn out so well. I am very happy that I involved a lot of people in this project, “said Adrian Despot.

All three songs are available on Electric Castle’s YouTube account, Spotify and Apple Music.

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