The OWPN Academy Association has released the record that will save people

The OWPN Academy Association released the record “A record that will save the people”, a vinyl album containing 12 songs from 12 artists in the field of electronic music. The album also contains the song “You” produced by DJ Shiver, the first musical-vocal NFT in Romania, recently sold for 1000 dollars ( All the money collected from the sale of the record will go to cover the expenses of mentoring, counseling and psychotherapy offered by the association.

The OWPN Aademy Association offers the space for artistic and personal development through the opportunity for artists to attend emotional development workshops with psychologists and psychotherapists who can guide and give advice to members of the association. At the same time, the artists registered in the association can participate in workshops held by artists and producers with experience in the industry who will teach them their secrets in becoming a successful DJ / Producer.

“A record that will save the people” is the first vinyl of the OWPN Academy Association. On both sides of the disc are 12 songs composed by Romanian producers, OWPN members. Every record sold makes all the difference for artists struggling with career development. The OWPN Association helps electronic music artists thrive throughout their careers and hopes to encourage as many people as possible to access the help and support available to them.

The OWPN Academy Association wants to support itself financially only from the sale of records, because it does not sell other products or services besides the music produced by OWPN members. The album “A record that will save the people” costs 150 lei and is available only for pre-order, and the delivery time of the album is 6 months, due to the crisis of raw materials in Europe. The OWPN Academy Association plans to release an album every month in the future.

The songs from the current album will also be available on streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, etc.), but streaming will not generate financial support to help OWPN members continue their mission.

The song “You” produced by DJ SHIVER was listed by the “Milo Gallery“, a blockchain virtual art gallery with rare crypto-art NFTs created and organized by MiLo. This has been made possible by the latest technological advances that combine art, blockchain and virtual reality, leaving the artist to focus on what matters most: creation.

“The business model of OWPN Academy is a sustainable one, with a long-term vision for 10 years through the sale of music, organization of local / national and international events, etc. Given that the music industry generates revenue of MILLIONS OF EUROS, this is a good opportunity to contribute to the development and improvement of national cultural budgets. ” – DJ RUTLEX, founder of OWPN ACADEMY

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