The Electric Castle Festival receives Superbrand status

The Electric Castle Festival receives the Superbrand status at the first edition of the Superbrands Program for Romania, which also includes in the evaluation the category of festivals.

Held under the slogan Superbrands: The Braves, this edition of the program is dedicated to all brave brands, which have maintained both high quality standards and consumer confidence, differentiating themselves in the market, in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Superbrand status is granted through a complex evaluation process containing a stage of judging provided by 30 professionals from representative industries, who decide the shortlist of brands entering the second stage of evaluation, respectively, quantitative market research, carried out in partnership with Ipsos Romania.

Superbrand status confirms the recognition of a brand in a market, adds prestige and reassures consumers or business partners that their choice is correct, from the perspective of an impeccable reputation, built constantly and creatively.

Electric Castle, a relevant brand and admired by music lovers in Romania
Electric Castle is the only music festival in Romania that tells its brand story in the volume of the Superbrands Book, being an absolute premiere in the programs of Superbrands Romania.

“The quantitative research, which was the basis of this recognition by Superbrand, was carried out after a one-year break for festivals – 2020. The fact that Romanians who go to festivals scored the Electric Castle brand with ratings that brought us Superbrand status shows us that the Electric Castle experience is both memorable and very enjoyable. We will continue to surprise festival lovers in Romania with inspiring experiences, unheard of elsewhere. ” – Ema Prisca, Chief Marketing Officer Electric Castle.
Founded in London, the International Superbrands Organization operates in 90 countries around the world, stimulating the reputable culture of brands as well as the communication industry in each country.

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