Thank you for everything, 2018! 2019… let the fun begin!

2018 was an excellent year for AVi and for the underground electronic community of Târgu-Mureş. A year filled with parties, festivals, live streams and many other events that had a strong effect on us and helped the natural growth of our project.

Every weekend (with a few justified exceptions!) We danced together with some of the best DJs in the country, such as Herodot, Lumieux, Paul Agripa, Vlad Dinu, Priku, Arapu, Ada Kaleh, Dan Andrei , Cezar, Sepp, Hostox, Charlie, Vid, Plusculaar, just to name a few, and also constantly promoting local talented artists such as Lowkodi, GabriL, Nemes, Bendeguz or GJetson at both AVi and Foto.

Last year also marked the launch of the first Avimag produced EP, talking of course about Vid’s latest vinyl, AVi001, which contains two tracks, The only way is up and Depths of imagination.

All I can say is that the disc is dedicated to the gigs I had at AVI, each being more exciting and thrilling than the previous one. I didn’t collab with anyone for it, it was pure inspiration drawn from the gigs at AVi“, as the artist confirmed. We will certainly see Vid again at AVi soon enough!

We can’t forget our partnerships with various festivals, such as Solar Seeds, which led to the later hosting of techno and psy parties at both AVI and Foto, as well as the continuing the almost traditional Szcéna parties, with Dr. Panda and Brody, and their special guests. Or, of course, the Back to AVi parties or 41UP, new concepts which in time became a strong part of our club’s monthly schedule.

Naturally, we are pleased to remember the summer days spent in the shade, in the courtyard of the Foto factory, chilling on the rhythms of our resident DJs. We cannot wait for the summer to come back so we could continue our pleasant habit of daytime fun in the Unirii neighborhood. A place that becomes a playground for us each summer, when the club is on holiday, like a regular everyday employee.

2018 forces us to give more, basically everything we have to offer, in order to successfully overcome the level we have already set.

It’s an ambition that empowers us and gives us a boost of positive energy.

The parties will continue and we promise that they will be more and more spectacular, we will continuously expand the variety of cultural events (film, music, street art etc) dedicated to you and, in general, to the Mureş audience in need for education and entertainment alike.

Let’s all have the 2019 we want! Happy New Year!

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