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  • Primii headliners anunțați de Electric Castle pentru 2023

  • The Chemical Brothers, George Ezra și Iggy Pop – primii headliners anunțați de Electric Castle pentru 2023   Electric Castle (EC) anunță primii 30 de artiști confirmați pentru ediția a 9-a, cu The Chemical Brothers, Iggy Pop și George Ezra ca primi headliners. Alături de ei sunt Sigur Ros, Tash Sultana, Peggy Gou, REZZ, Pendulum și multe alte nume prin care EC își confirmă reputația de fe[...]
  • Tot ce trebuie să știi înainte de Laboratorul de Techno!

  • Doar câteva ore ne mai despart până la startul celei de-a treia ediție a Laboratorului de Techno din acest an. Addo, Karak, Lowkodi și Sunet ne vor face să trăim noaptea pe ritmuri electronice, astfel că prezența la fosta uzină Foto, din cartierul Unirii pe 2 Decembrie este obligatorie pentru toți cei care iubesc muzica techno. Prognoza meteo pentru vineri spre sambata dimineața anunță nor[...]
  • We're back! Laboratorul de techno va avea loc pe 28 Octombrie!

  • Pentru ca ne lipsesc petrecerile din spatiul nostru industrial, iar festivalurile si petrecerile de vară au luat sfârșit, am decis sa revenim cu o nouă editie de toamna a Laboratorului de Techno in noaptea de 28 Octombrie, unde toți fanii muzicii electronice sunt așteptați la Uzina Foto pentru un party așa cum ne place nouă cel mai mult, cu muzică bună, dans și o atmosferă senzațională, cum mereu [...]
  • The story of Ricardo Villalobos – the legend, the artist (Part 3)

  • One should think of Ricardo Villalobos's career without taking into account the numerous artists he has influenced over the years and the effect he had on the electronic music spectrum. As the Chilean-born, Berlin-based producer released more and more tracks - all conforming to the typical Villalobos style - and as he became more of a powerhouse in the underground electronic industry, plenty of[...]
  • UNTOLD 2022 will take place between August 4-7

  • UNTOLD, one of the largest music festivals in the world, will open its gates in 2022 between August 4-7. For 4 days and 4 nights, hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world will enter the magic realm from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania to have fun with the best artists of the moment and not only them. The organizers of the UNTOLD festival have started the preparations for the 7th chapter tha[...]
  • The story of Ricardo Villalobos – the legend, the artist (Part 2)

  • The Chilean-born German artist began making electronic music in the late 80s. From a very young age he has been a big fan of Depeche Mode, following their tours around Europe to listen to them. His style is so unique, it is almost an unspoken tradition for his tracks to douns different than the ones of other producers. We all know his long remixes or edits, but the true merits of his art are ob[...]
  • The story of Ricardo Villalobos - the legend, the artist (Part 1)

  • There's basically no way each and every one of you reading this article has never danced, boogied or at least shook their bodies on a Villalobos track. We simply can't believe that, the man is a living legend. Probably one of the most notorious artists of the electronic genre, his story is filled with excentric details that - alltogether - create this unique portrait of an artist who was influence[...]
  • All hail the great Jeff Mills - the undisputed king of techno music

  • Jeff Mills is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of techno music. Starting out as radio DJ the Wizard on Detroit’s WJLB before teaming up with Anthony Srock in the late ’80s to form the industrial inspired Final Cut project, Mills met former Parliament bassist “Mad” Mike Banks. The two hit it off and soon the Underground Resistance studios came into being, fusing Banks’ keyboard and synth col[...]
  • Ro-minimal, the sound of the Romanian underground

  • When learning about electronic music, one must constantly dig deeper in order to find the sub-genres that collect crowds of thirsty fans all over the planet. Ro-minimal has an interesting story, making it our very own underground electronic music sub-genre. When it first appeared, minimal was something like nothing people have heard before, although it was still house and techno, thus something ex[...]
  • The complex history of minimal as a music genre 

  • Even though Simon Reynolds was using “minimal” as early as 1992 to describe Derrick May, minimal as a genre didn’t really come along until the mid-’90s. The term is used by anyone who listens to something that is electronic, not techno, not house, but somewhere in between. And even if that is a large space from which to choose just a name, it just goes to show that the constant evolution o[...]
  • The long awaited return of summer festivals

  • After a year in which time and the whole world seem to have stood still, life is slowly, slowly getting back to normal. With normality comes the return of music festivals, which means that for the first time in a long time we can make holiday plans that include close friends, exotic destinations and favourite artists. In the following we will present a small selection of the most important fest[...]
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