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  • ADE 2023 Review

  • Amsterdam Dance Event a avut loc timp de cinci zile (18-22 octombrie 2023) și a sărbătorit cea de-a 28-a ediție. Evenimentul a adus în Amsterdam 500,000 de oameni și aproape 3,00 de artiști. Petrecerile și conferințele s-au întins în tot orașul și au ocupat 200 de locații. Peste 1,000 de petreceri au avut loc, dar și prelegeri importante pentru viitorul muzicii electronice: de la festivalele ec[...]
  • Elon Musk joins NFT and releases a techno song

  • Musk seems unstoppable, and the music industry is wondering when Bezos will release a gabber record. Elon Musk is releasing a techno album (or so he describes his material). The 10-track LP is titled "Technoking" and will be sold as an NFT (non-fungible token) before reaching streaming platforms in the near future. Musk has been working on the album since he released "Don't Doubt Ur Vibe[...]
  • The complex history of minimal as a music genre 

  • Even though Simon Reynolds was using “minimal” as early as 1992 to describe Derrick May, minimal as a genre didn’t really come along until the mid-’90s. The term is used by anyone who listens to something that is electronic, not techno, not house, but somewhere in between. And even if that is a large space from which to choose just a name, it just goes to show that the constant evolution o[...]
  • Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) 2021

  • Guvernul olandez și-a anunțat planurile de a începe să permită festivaluri de muzică în interiorul granițelor țării începând cu 1 iulie 2021, ceea ce înseamnă că Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) este pe in plan pentru octombrie 2021. Ca stimulent, guvernul olandez va asigura evenimente planificate după această dată care sunt anulate din cauza COVID-19. Vor face acest lucru printr-un fond de anulare [...]
  • Carl Cox is Going To Release A Book

  • In the most recent episode of Dubfire’s DJs and Beers streaming series Carl Cox, revealed that alongside his tour manager Ian, he’d written a book titled by "Oh Yes, Oh Yes". As DJ Mag reports, admitting the book was finished before the pandemic, Coxy said that COVID-19 and more personal events in recent months had put a halt on his plans to release his debut. “We’d actually written the book[...]
  • One of the founders of techno music has coronavirus.

  • Kevin Saunderson is self-isolating at home after testing positive for COVID-19. Kevin Maurice Saunderson (born September 5, 1964) is an American electronic music producer  and hi is considered to be one of the originators of techno, specifically Detroit techno. The Detroit techno originator posted a video on Tuesday saying he had been struggling with flu-like symptoms for 14 days, and he[...]
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