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  • Paul Kalkbrenner, în premieră pe mainstage la UNTOLD 2022

  • Paul Kalkbrenner va avea în această vară primul show pe scena principală a festivalului UNTOLD. Superstarul techno pregătește un live de excepție pentru zeci de mii de fani, care se vor bucura pentru prima oară de muzica lui pe stadionul Cluj-Arena. DJ-ul și producătorul german a fost prezent în fiecare an la festival, pe scena Galaxy, și este unul dintre cei mai apreciați artiști din lumea tec[...]
  • The story of Ricardo Villalobos – the legend, the artist (Part 2)

  • The Chilean-born German artist began making electronic music in the late 80s. From a very young age he has been a big fan of Depeche Mode, following their tours around Europe to listen to them. His style is so unique, it is almost an unspoken tradition for his tracks to douns different than the ones of other producers. We all know his long remixes or edits, but the true merits of his art are ob[...]
  • The story of Ricardo Villalobos - the legend, the artist (Part 1)

  • There's basically no way each and every one of you reading this article has never danced, boogied or at least shook their bodies on a Villalobos track. We simply can't believe that, the man is a living legend. Probably one of the most notorious artists of the electronic genre, his story is filled with excentric details that - alltogether - create this unique portrait of an artist who was influence[...]
  • All hail the great Jeff Mills - the undisputed king of techno music

  • Jeff Mills is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of techno music. Starting out as radio DJ the Wizard on Detroit’s WJLB before teaming up with Anthony Srock in the late ’80s to form the industrial inspired Final Cut project, Mills met former Parliament bassist “Mad” Mike Banks. The two hit it off and soon the Underground Resistance studios came into being, fusing Banks’ keyboard and synth col[...]
  • Women are taking over the UNTOLD stages this year

  • The story of the sixth edition of the UNTOLD festival, one of the 10 most appreciated festivals in the world, will continue in 2021 with four days and four nights of magic, with a line-up that includes the greatest DJs of the world, legendary artists and bands, with some first time appearances in  Romania. On September 12, a woman will perform on the Mainstage for the first time, we are talking[...]
  • Daytime with Macarie at Uzina Foto

  • Ready SET Go! See you at the starting line, more precisely at Uzina Foto, where Macarie brings positive vibrations. We are not talking about an organized party but about a day of listening to good music, in the company of friends or loved ones, in compliance with the protection measures against Corona Virus. We offer you a music exhibition in memory of the times when there were no restricti[...]
  • Life before music

  • Viața înainte de muzică. Ce au studiat și muncit artiștii înainte să ajungă DJ-i de succes   Au nume sonore și cariere de succes în muzică, au călătorit și au bifat scenele celor mai mari cluburi, petreceri și festivaluri din lume, au încântat și fascinat, de-a lungul anilor, sute de mii de oameni cu show-urile lor. Dar până să ajungă aici, unii artiști au parcurs alte drumuri profesional[...]
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