Ricardo Villalobos will release The Mandela Move EP next month!

The New Year begins with fantastic news, as one of the world’s most well-known and respected DJs and electronic music producers, Ricardo Villalobos, will launch a new record under the label Deset.

The Mandela Move EP will be launched in February, the exact date not being yet officially released, and will feature four new tracks spread across two 12-inches, with each tune hovering around the 13-minute mark.

There is an official press release regarding the future EP, which describes it as “an array of stripped-back dance floor movers… saturated in clever, unorthodox and masterful sound design.”

A Mandela Move
B Fontec
C Ectroscop
D Beetglass

It’s the second release on Italian label Deset, which will also release music from Caruan, Oskar Szafraniec, Elbee Bad, Glenn Underground and more in 2019.

The announcement caps off a busy year for Villalobos, which included appearing on Hot Creations, remixing Tony Allen and Sasse, teaming up with Argenis Brito and Thomas Melchior as well as releasing a solo EP on Pressure Traxx.

Silent EP was released in November last year and it features two tracks, Wispa and 909 Track. Which you should start listening in order to be prepared for the bangers that are about to be released by Villalobos next month!

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