Rhadoo proposes a Semantics lesson. The first album after three years of break!

End of November brings us face to face with one of the most awaited discography products of recent years. After a three-year break, the dad of Romanian electronic music, one of the legendary names that our country has given techno (and, of course, of all related genres)


With four tracks distributed on two discs, Semantics will be released under the aegis of Nervmusic Records, a well-known Russian label, located in Berlin on Nov. 30.

A1 Mount Ararat
B1 Hot
C1 Gerunziu
D1 Om Neom

We would like to give you a sample of what is waiting for us, but unfortunately there are currently no available Semantics videos and no snippets of the four tracks, so we will wait patiently to be launched to buy it.

We recommend discogs or any other official platform.

The same label supported Rhadoo to launch the Quattroporte compilation,

whose name was inspired by the famous Maserati models, including the disc cover.

About Rhadoo we could write whole novels, his story being spectacular and of immense importance to all of us and for underground electronic music. He has enjoyed electronic music since 1990.

By the beginning of 2000, Rhadoo (Radu Bogdan Cilinca) hosted his own weekly radio show and traveled to Romania to play music in various clubs.

He is a legendary figure – and in many ways the orchestra of everything that has developed since then. However, little is known about him, the mystery that surrounds him is an extremely attractive element for his fans, paradoxically, I would say.

Founding member of Rhadoo, Rhadoo is one of Romania’s key artists, helping to shape the distinctive ro-minimal sound, so dear to the whole of the world.

Semantics will be the first EP of the Romanian artist after Zanzibar, released on the market in 2015 under the aegis of Amphia Records. This will be the fifth production of the famous DJ / producer since 2006, not including the 2013 mix for Fabric, which we invite you to listen to (again, not knowing how long) here:

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