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The Walker

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ARTIST: robert capuano
TITLE: the walker
LABEL: drumcode
GENRE: techno
CAT: dc213
RELEASE-DATE: 09.12.19



Roberto Capuano returns with his first Drumcode EP since 2015.
The Neapolitan has long occupied a special place in the heart of Adam Beyer. His cut ‘Never Stop’ is one of the finest Truesoul releases in recent years and he came up trumps with Drumcode’s 150th release in 2015 with ‘The Wilford’ EP, featuring the dub techno groover ‘Obsessed’.
His last outing on Drumcode was the fantastic ‘Limitless’, a collaboration with Luigi Madonna that featured on A-Sides Vol.6 in 2017.

‘The Walker EP’ is Capuano’s most full-bodied work on Drumcode to date. The title track is a stealth combination of punishing drums and dystopian arpeggios building up a dark brew of energy.
The slick ‘Sirio’ concludes the quadruplet of cuts, as stomping grooves rub shoulders with multi-layered melody lines for a satisfying finish.

‘On Your Skin’ is no less captivating, a huge Beyer favourite throughout the summer months, it’s exhilarating combination of rousing vocals, swirling synths and a catchy riff make it a slam dunk.

Finishing off the EP ‘Segment’ is a flamboyant follower, all six minutes of spine-tingling synth stabs and chopped up vocal effects are perfect for peak time moments.


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