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Bromance Vol. I

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ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Bromance Vol. I
LABEL: counterweight
GENRE: techno
RELEASE-DATE: 02.12.19



Counterweight started at the end of 2015 as a party-series in Munich (Rote Sonne). It was about pushing the style of techno we stand for and which we couldn’t find easily in our city. During this journey we’ve learnt a lot about what somehow sadly has to be called a business and we met many artists and people involved in the Techno Scene. We even made friends throughout the years and that’s one of the nicest things after all.

The first V.A. release on Counterweight is an installment with some excellent artists we met during this time, we love their music as much as we love them as a person. Four years ago we couldn’t even imagine we would release a record with some of our favourites artists … Now, check this out. Heavy Kick-Drums, destructive basslines, distorted hi-hats, mesmerising melodies and…lots of passion.


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