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PHASE eins

56,16 lei

ARTIST: Various Artists
GENRE: minimal techno
CAT: roh001
RELEASE-DATE: 29.11.19



A1: Ampere – Verzerrung
A2: Lumen – Tempi
B1: Nox – Red
B2: Dyn – Data Selfi

The Berlin based art network and platform ‘ROH’ starts its first own music label. After positioning themselves in the berlin nightlife with several outstanding events, combining the force of interactive light installations, visual arts and electronic music, ‘ROH’ is now more than proud to present its first release: PHASE eins.
The first release showcases four of five current musical projects of ROH. Being exclusively created for this project every alias gets represented with two tracks. We are looking forward to present you every single project in the future with own releases. Ampère, DYN, Lumen and NOx come together for the first ever output.
Apart from releasing ‘PHASE eins’ onsome black gold.
One track of every artist can be found on the record. 12” for your pleasure.
Soundwise the artists express their current favorite sound enjoying the liberty of being free from any other alias or project, expectations or boundaries. That’s why we are able to offer a highly diverse mix of exquisite electronic cuts made for the club and for the listening pleasure on the go or at home. Choose your favorite!


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