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Patreon helps us build direct relationships with our most engaged fans. We offer them benefits like exclusive content, community, or insight into our creative process in exchange for a monthly subscription. We connect with our audience directly in an ad-free and troll-free environment. Enjoy healthier, kinder, more meaningful interactions.

Music unites the crowds and cultivates spirits, and AVimag wants to be a source of education and information for all those who love this kind of music and this lifestyle. For this reason, Avimag offers livestreams, interviews, news related to the industry, artists and events.

Avimag is a project 100% dedicated to electronic music in Romania, the entire culture around this phenomenon, as well as artists and producers in electronic music spectrum.
Romanian DJs and producers of underground electronic music, especially techno, house, minimal and derivatives of these genres are the main artisans of a truly mass phenomenon worldwide. 

Our goal is to bring you as much good music and news as we can, and try to make you unforgettable memories when we meet.

CLICK HERE – Let’s do this TOGHETHER and create a self sustaining project if you like what we are doing and we promise we’ll continue to bring the best in front of you.  

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