OWPN Academy, the first free academy for emotional and professional education in electronic music, in Romania.

The OWPN Academy Association has opened its doors!

OWPN Academy was launch the first free academy for emotional and professional education in electronic music in Romania. Over 20 mentors from all over the country and 10 psychologists work online and in the two offices in Cluj and Timisoara to develop the 400 members registered so far, in the most important areas: Education & Culture, Networking & Support, Emotional Health .

OWPN offers the space for development both artistically and personally through the opportunity to attend emotional development workshops with psychologists and therapists who can guide and give advice to members of the association. At the same time, the artists registered in the association can participate in workshops held by artists and producers with experience in the industry who will teach them their secrets in becoming a successful DJ / Producer.

Currently, the courses and workshops take place online, on the Discord server of the association and periodically at the headquarters in Cluj and Timisoara. OWPN does not receive donations but is financially supported by the sale of materials produced by members in the form of physical (vinyl) and NFT digital albums, streaming, etc.

“The relationship with the people who gave us life is actually our relationship with life – the purpose of our academy is to literally lay the foundation not only of a successful artist, but above all, of a successful man. One of the great ambitions of this project is to build the right environment where students will be able to grow personally, along with their careers and passions ”- Dj Shiver, founder

“Today, everything happens faster and at the same time the amount of information to be processed and assimilated is incomparably higher with each passing day. The more we learn, the less we feel, and the answer is always in our feelings, not in our minds – thus giving birth to the OWPN Academy initiative, even in Romania. ” – Robert Codescu, founder

The OWPN Association is a large, long-term project, which in ten years will become an ACADEMY with spaces in every city in the country, over 100 mentors from all over Europe and over 10 paid psychologists per session in each city.

The registration in the association is done online on the website: www.owpn.space
Email: contact@owpn.space

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