Meet you in the city! After 3 days and 3 electrifying nights full of fun at the castle, today EC_Special by Electric Castle moves to Cluj

Dozens of concerts with famous artists, spectacular lighting installations and conferences on hot topics take place all week in the historic center and on the Cetățuie of Cluj.

The first and biggest festival of the last year and a half started in an electrifying atmosphere that made the participants have fun for 3 days and 3 nights! The commune of Bonțida in Cluj became the capital of live music, joy and fun last weekend.

The balance of the first 3 days of EC_Special

Over 56,000 people enjoyed for 3 days the music, the electrifying vibe of the festival and the activities provided by the organizers within EC_Special by Electric Castle: on the first day, Friday, there were 13,000 participants, in the second - 25,000, and on Sunday over 18,000 people.

Over a thousand tourists came to the festival from abroad from countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary.

The participants danced until dawn, and most of them said that they had been waiting for more than a year to return to their favorite party place. Prime Minister Florin Cîțu, accompanied by the mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, also took part in the fun on the first day of the festival.

In turn, the artists were delighted to be able to perform in front of the fans again, safely.
One of the most anticipated artists, DJ Marky traveled over 25 hours and had to spend 10 days in quarantine in Mexico in order to meet his audience at EC_Special Bonțida.

The most popular shows were the ones supported by HVOB, Sigma, Ben Bohmer, DJ Marky, which offered the participants moments of great intensity.


There are 7 days of live music, parties, new media art and Electric Castle conferences in Cluj

The people of Cluj will have the most complete festival ever organized in Romania on their street.

Starting today, concerts, artistic performances and new media conferences reach the streets in the center of Cluj, in several places in the historic center, in Unirii Square and on Cetățuie.

Art will conquer the city and turn it into a space of cultural discoveries. Hundreds of artists, spectacular new media installations, creative hubs and masterclasses that bring useful information and inspiration alike - all these are the ingredients of an epic urban adventure.

Cluj will come to life from its heart, from Unirii Square, to Cetățuia Hill, so that each legendary and historical area will tell a story. Unirii Square will host the biggest stage of the festival and the most beloved artists: Aurora, Asaf Avidan, IAMDDB, The Blaze and many others.

The light installations will be located on Universitatii Street, in Unirii Square, on Cetățuie at the former gunpowder depot, at Belvedere Hotel, on the facade of the Academy Library on Mihail Kogălniceanu Street, at the Municipal House of Culture, at Tranzit House, at the Paratroopers' Tower from the Citadel.

Sustainable lifestyle, a key concept at EC Talks meetings

12 meetings about the sustainable lifestyle with famous personalities from Romania take place daily, between August 11-14, on Cetățuie at EC Garden.

It is about rounds of informal, friendly discussions, but deep and meaningful about health in the context of the pandemic, sex education, sustainability. Among the guests are the soloist Adrian Despot from Vita de Vie, the rector of Babeș-Bolyai University, Daniel David, the film producer Oana Giurgiu, the writer and psychotherapist Petronela Rotar.

Having fun in safty conditions

In the context of the pandemic, the organizers are working to create a safe space for all participants. Electric Castle together with the festival's medical partner, MedLife, provides participants with free Antigen tests valid for 24 hours. Participants can make appointments at 0264 960 for free Antigen testing at MedLife clinics in Cluj.

To participate in EC_Special events, participants must meet one of the following requirements:

• proof of vaccination;
• proof of the negative result of an RT-PCR test (not older than 72 hours);
• proof of the negative result of a rapid antigen test (not older than 24 hours);
• a document attesting that the participant went through the disease - he had the SARS-CoV-2 virus (document issued 15-180 days before).

Minors under 12 have free access throughout the festival, as long as they are accompanied by a parent / guardian who presents a valid ticket or subscription.

The daily schedule and information about concerts, conferences and lighting installations from EC_Special are available on

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