Daytime with Macarie at Uzina Foto

Ready SET Go!

See you at the starting line, more precisely at Uzina Foto, where Macarie brings positive vibrations.

We are not talking about an organized party but about a day of listening to good music, in the company of friends or loved ones, in compliance with the protection measures against Corona Virus.

We offer you a music exhibition in memory of the times when there were no restrictions.

What else can we say about Macarie, it is well known that he has been part of the Avi family since his beginnings as a DJ, always with a smile on his face and with the talent he always gives us.

Don’t miss this event, the entrance ticket is 20 Lei.

Saturday 19.06.2021 starting with 17:00 the gates open for you.

We leave a set with Macarie, registered in our dear club, Avi Cola.

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