We dance an entire weekend at AVI! Are you ready?

In the characteristic style, we spend in movies at AVi, the most important club in Târgu-Mureş hosting parties, practically, throughout the weekend. We start the dance marathon tonight at 23:00 with a new edition of the Szcéna series of parties.

On this occasion Saboar returns to the AVi desk and joins Brdy & Dr.Panda in the party that will set us up after the lethargy during the week.

Access to the Friday party will cost 25 lei until 1:00 pm (11 lei access, 14 lei a token for consumption), after which the access will cost 30 lei (16 lei access, 14 lei a token for consumption).

Event details are also available to you on the Facebook event here.

We do not stop here, because tomorrow is one day! Okay, we’re more interested in the night, because then we can see the dance quietly in our favorite crap, Awi.

Clovis, Los Bastoneros and Prepeleac will take control of our desk and give us an outstanding musical show starting at 23:00! The event is organized by the boys at Around, and the artists come to Târgu-Mureş for the first time.

Clovis is one of the most important names that will have passed the threshold, background and experience being enlightening. I needed a bit of western air at AVI, and the Japanese and Japanese DJ, born in Los Angeles and educated on the music of true Berlin techno, is just what I needed. What the doctor prescribed, how to say in Los Angeles.

Los Bastoneros and Prepeleac will also have a very important role during the whole night from Saturday to Sunday, namely to keep our feet fixed on the dance floor, da capo fine.

The Saturday party is organized by Around’s friends and we have a feeling that it will attract the masses of Mures (and not only) techno fans in the club on Posta Street.

Access to the club will be allowed until 3:30.

The vouchers for Around w / Clovis & Los Bastoneros cost 100 lei, can be purchased from livetickets.ro and include four token for consumption at the bar. Within the range of available stock and club capacity, tickets may also be available on the spot, but we recommend buying them online to make sure you have access to the club.

The price of a token is 14 lei, and they will be available in the wardrobe for the whole night.

Like every time, details are also provided to you on the Facebook event.

►The AVi Club is closed circuit dedicated to those who love ARTA, know how to appreciate and also have knowledge about TECHNO CULTURE.

►Access of persons under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden!

►Participation to the AVi trademark events is equivalent to the acceptance of the Inland Regulation (RIO).

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