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  • Daytime with Macarie at Uzina Foto

  • Ready SET Go! See you at the starting line, more precisely at Uzina Foto, where Macarie brings positive vibrations. We are not talking about an organized party but about a day of listening to good music, in the company of friends or loved ones, in compliance with the protection measures against Corona Virus. We offer you a music exhibition in memory of the times when there were no restricti[...]
  • Mai puţine restricţii, mai multă bucurie în hamace la Foto!

  • Rareori o bere savurată la terasă sau în interiorul unui local a avut un gust atât de bun, acum că vara a venit, iar numărul infectărilor a scăzut și mulți oameni au ales să se vaccineze, ceea ce a permis ca din 1 Iunie să se relaxeze restricțiile care și-au pus amprenta asupra noastră atât de mult timp. Dacă te întreabă cineva unde te relaxezi în weekend, răspunsul cel mai simplu e „ La Uzina Fot[...]
  • UNTOLD is the first festival in the world that launches an NFT

  • The organizers of the UNTOLD Festival are preparing to launch their first NFT (NON-FUNGIBLE TOKEN). The fans of the festivals and not only them will have the chance to become the owners of some memorable moments or a unique collection of NFTs, which will be put on sale on the largest digital collectibles market in the world. The first UNTOLD NFT will be available soon on OpenSea. Here you can b[...]
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