CAREFUL! Rules of internal order (R.I.O)

In accordance with the laws in force, we inform you that smoking is prohibited in the AVi club (both on the floor and in the basement). Unfortunately, we can not tolerate smoking, so please comply with AVI’s Indoor Regulation and smoke out.

The only accepted variants are in the case of hiring a private club for private events, as responsibility will be on your own responsibility.

However, those who want to smoke inside AVI can do it exclusively with IQOS electronic cigarettes or other similar hybrid devices, according to the law.

►Participation to the AVi events is equivalent to the acceptance of the Rules of internal order (R.I.O)


1. Inland Regulation applies to all participants / invitations to private party events regardless of the actual duration they spend at the event.

2. The persons referred to in item 1 have the obligation, during the event, to observe both the provisions of this regulation and the provisions of the legislation in force.

3. The event organizers reserve the right to select the clients and to completely prohibit the entry of persons who are not on the list of guests or members of the ⓐⓥⓘⓜⓐⓖ.net group ❂ Club AVi ❂ ⒶⓋⓘ Techno ⓒⓡⓔⓦ ❂

4. Participants in organized private events will wear a specific bracelet.

5. It is not allowed access to the event of persons who wear weapons, knives, electro-shock, tear or paralysis sprays, firecrackers or fireworks etc.

6. The wardrobe is permanently served by the organizers. The organizers do not take responsibility for their clothes or personal belongings left elsewhere than the wardrobe.

7. The organizers reserve the right not to use alcoholic beverages for people who are in a state of intoxication.

8. Invitations will not disregard the activity of the DJ.

9. No guest of the event shall have the right to use or disclose either during or after the event any facts or data which, having become public, would harm the interests or prestige of the organizers.

10. Manner of addressing both invitations and organizers will be a decent and decent one.

11. The event will have its own guard and protection staff. It will bear specific insignia. In case of problems, protection staff are entitled to intervene.

12. It is not allowed to introduce alcoholic or soft drinks, psychoactive substances, as well as leaving the event with wine bottles, beers, glasses, etc. in the event.

13. The illegal possession and / or consumption of illicit drugs is not tolerated, the identified persons will be immediately reported to the competent police.

14. The organizers of the event do not assume responsibility for accidents occurring during the event (eg in case of accidental strikes on stairs, furniture, etc.)

15. If one of the guests feels that their health is poor, they show symptoms that affect their physical or mental capacity during the event, one of the organizers will immediately announce.

16. In the case of accidental or unintentional destruction, the person responsible for the damage shall pay the value of the damage or be surrendered to the competent bodies.

17. Smoking is prohibited inside the club (both on the floor and in the basement).

18. Access to the club is until 03:30.

19. People who: – are in a state of intoxication, or under the influence of psychoactive substances, will be evacuated from the event as soon as they have been detected; have obscene behavior; physically or verbally aggrieved people around; produce damage or damage to inventory items made available during the event; causes disorder or creates premise for the outbreak of altercations among guests.


►The AVi Club is closed circuit dedicated to those who love ARTA, know how to appreciate and also have knowledge about TECHNO CULTURE.

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