AVi crew @ Berlin // Farbfernseher club

Click play on the set, ready for you until you read the description about Addo and Resa (AVi crew).


photo by Kay Ross



Addo is Avi‘s main resident DJ and one of the most beloved artists to have ever played in our club throughout the years. With over 15 years of experience, starting as a
youngster attracted to
drums and beats, evolving into the complex and musically cultured DJ he is today.

A master of combining the old with the new, a fan of vynil and a great connoisseur of music in general, Addo is known for always getting people to have fun, no matter what. He will make pair with Resa on the 2nd of February for one hell of a dancing Friday night at Berlin‘s very own Farbfernseher club.


photo by Kay Ross

is one of Avi‘s
most appreciated resident DJs and although quite young, he has a consistent musical background which expands from one year to another. His style is unique, sometimes

dubby, minimalistic, but keeping a hint of nostalgia for the oldschool 90’s house music.


Oana is our friend and she is from Ariki Records.

Oana`s plans is to dance you with the smile on her lips and whoever listened to her set in AVI just a few months ago knows what to expect: a careful selection of songs, a balanced mix of melody and minimal rhythm, happiness, joy, just what the doctor prescribed.

Click HERE to join the Farbfernseher club event : “Ein Freitag mit AVI und ARIKI Records”


Here is a preview of the AVi-Cola Club where Addo and Resa are residents. We would love to visit us for an exchange of experience. ❤️


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