Alexander Skancke: “Romanians are into music and open for both new and old sounds”

Born in Trondheim, Norway, in 1991, Alexander Skancke will be featured on Saturday night’s AVi extravaganza, alongside Scopter, one of the crowd favorites. Coming from Berlin, he will bring a touch of Germany’s obscure and mystical electronic sounds in Târgu-Mureș’s main clubbing venue. Probably everyone of us has heard his most famous track, Ravelle, at least once so we are pretty excited to see what he will bring to the techno table.

We had a little chat with Alex in order to know each other better and also to show Romanian techno fans a fair perspective of the bangers expecting them at AVi next weekend. Also, here are some of his tracks to get you heated for the weekend!

AVimag: Hey, Alex! Is this going to be your first time in Romania?

A.S.: No, I visited Romania when I was 19 years old and I’ve been back several times both for playing and vacation.

AVimag: What are your expectations?

A.S.: I don’t try to have much expectations, but I’m always really excited about visiting new places. As always, I look forward to see old friends and new ones.

AVimag: Who do you think would go great with you on a B2B? In regards to your musical style.

A.S.: My good friends, Rub800 and Terje Bakke from TAR 1337.


AVimag: Tell us something about the beginnings of Alexander Skancke. When did you first start mixing?

A.S.: I have always been interested in music regardless of genre, so it was very natural for me to start collecting records from an early age. I started mixing records when I was 14 years old.

AVimag: What type of music would you say influenced you the most in your career so far?

A.S.: Hmm, very tough question, there is so good music out there. The music that maybe had the most influence om me was a lot of the electronica coming from the UK during the early – mid 90’s.

AVimag: How do you think the party at AVi will be on Saturday? Is there something you would like the techno fans in Târgu-Mureș to know, to do or to expect?

A.S.: I always had good experiences playing in Romania and I always experienced that the people are very into the music and open for both new and old sounds. Let’s keep it that way!

AVimag: Cheers, mate! See you Saturday! 😀

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