A giant protest “Techno Parade” marched through the streets of Berlin

Last Wednesday, artists and music lovers in the German events industry took to the streets of Berlin demanding more support from the government and protest against coronavirus measures. A first march had already taken place in September.

Artists like Âme and Dixon joined the cause on the turntables.

Despite more flexible measures than in France, the cultural scene is still hard hit by the global pandemic. With the second wave looming, Angela Merkel announced new restrictions and forcing to close bars, restaurants, partys and sports venues.

A new blow for this sector already in great difficulty.

The actors in the field therefore met on Wednesday noon on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz square, in order to make their voices heard in the streets of the capital. While dancing, they demanded new financial aid from the government to be able to survive the second wave. A survival that many consider compromised without additional government aid.

Police estimates 18,000 people have taken part.

The protesters has been mostly peaceful, but at least two people were arrested.

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