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  • Who is Ricardo Villalobos

  • Ricardo Villalobos s-a născut in anul 1970 în Chile, Santiao. În 1973 s-a mutat în Germania împreună cu familia sa pentru a scăpa de dictatura lui Augusto Pinochet. Ricardo Villalobos este producător de muzică electronică și dj, binecunoscut pentru munca sa in genurile minmal techno si micorhouse. Încă de la o vârstă fragedă a fost un mare fan al Depeche Mode, urmând chiar și turneele lor în Eur[...]
  • Where, when and who are the founders of the Techno style.

  • Techno este o formă de muzică dance electronic, apărută în Detroit, Michigan, în Statele Unite, în a doua jumătate a anilor 1980. Prima utilizare înregistrată a termenului techno ca referire la un gen muzical specific a fost în 1988. În prezent există mai multe stiluri de techno, printre care și Detroit techno, care este considerat un stil de bază, de la care au evoluat o serie de alte subgenuri. [...]
  • AVi002 lansat oficial! What a Class Act from Boyband!

  • După succesul EP-ului AVi001 în care Vid a explorat Dephs of Imagination, Avimag continuă seria producțiilor cu noul produs discografic al celor de la Boyband, intitulat Class Act. AVi002, numele de cod al vinyl-ului, urmează să fie lansat oficial în data de 21 Noiembrie, iar noi vă oferim un mic preambul pentru ce vă așteaptă! Boyband este numele proiectului muzical aparținându-le lui Macarie [...]

  • THE DATE OF THE FESTIVAL WAS VOTED BY THE FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD The fans of the biggest beach festival from Romania, Neversea, have decided. The 4th edition of the festival will take place between 8 – 11 July. In the last three years, The Island of Dreams has always been waiting for the travelers who dared to dream and wanted to be in the place where time stays still and cannot put its mar[...]

  • THE 6TH EDITION OF UNTOLD IS READY TO BRING CONFIDENCE AND OPTIMISM One of the most expected moments by the fans of the UNTOLD festival is the announcement of the date for the next edition. This is the moment when the fans start to dream about the unique experiences they will live next year, they start to wish to enjoy their favorite artist on one of the 10 stages of the festival, they start to g[...]
  • SoundCloud has announced a new streaming plan called SoundCloud DJ

  • SOUNDCLOUD LAUNCH NEW STREAMING PLAN FOR DJS The new service offers DJs unlimited offline caching from music on their platform, letting users download and cache tracks to DJ software like VirtualDJ, with Cross DJ and Denon DJ being added “in the coming months”. In-app track data has also been added, meaning you can identify tracks by key and bpm straight out of the SoundCloud browser in ay suppo[...]
  • About Allen&Heath XONE:96 – Analogue | Remastered

  • Xone:96. The long-awaited follow-up to a genuine club classic. A new, uncompromising analogue DJ mixer, destined to be the heart of your creativity, Xone:96 takes the legendary soul of the acclaimed Xone:92 and redelivers it, enhanced, and with state-of-the-art digital connectivity. YOU CAN BUY FROM HERE It’s all here. The huge, detailed, space-shaking analogue sound that only Xone delivers. A [...]

  • A new UK study has found that COVID-19 may affect some people by causing sudden and permanent hearing loss. Experts at University College London have published findings in the journal BMJ Case Reports, relating to the treatment of a 45-year-old man with asthma who was taken into intensive care with COVID-19. During treatment the man was ventilated and given drugs such as antiviral remdesivir[...]
  • The BPM Festival takes Ibiza for The Ibiza Opening 2021

  • The festival revealed some details of The BPM Festival: Ibiza showcases, taking place on the White Isle from April 29 to May 1, 2021. BPM has stated techno DJs will feature and there will be some back-to-back sets. The Ibiza events are in association with IMS and Pollen, who recently announced their joint venture The Ibiza Opening, which will coincide with the annual IMS conference. Tickets [...]
  • Understanding the new Pioneer CDJ-3000

  • We check out the latest evolution of Pioneer DJ's industry standard media player. Pioneer DJ's recently announced CDJ-3000 media player has new features that give creative DJs fresh avenues for adding a performance-based signature to their sets. These five videos aim to provide ideas for how these new features could work in practice, focusing on polyrhythmic loops, beat jumping and maximising t[...]
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